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  • Plant Manager – Manufacturing
    “Mary Jane is a very capable, competent and hardworking professional with excellent people skills. Her insights and thoughts have been invaluable to me.”
    Plant Manager – Manufacturing
  • Retail Office Supply Owner
    "Mary Jane has been very helpful in writing documents we have needed in our day-to-day operations. She customized an Employee Handbook for us, and has been a resource ever since for writing announcements for our employees and letters needed to support some of our employment decisions. Her writing is professional and effective, and we don’t hesitate to call her when the need arises."
    Retail Office Supply Owner
    Wytheville Office Supply
  • Manufacturing Plant Manager
    “Our company has been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with HR Alliance. Mary Jane brought a fresh perspective to us that helped us with departmental development … She is a great asset to the community, and I highly recommend her.”
    Manufacturing Plant Manager
  • Managing Director
    “Having done these types of trainings for 30+ years, I don’t think I have ever seen such positive feedback from the entire group. You all earned it.” . . .
    Managing Director
    SFP Americas
  • VP of Finance & Operations
    “An outstanding HR Manager, but more important, an advocate for the team . . .an outstanding HR trainer . . . a genuine interest in people.”
    VP of Finance & Operations
  • Jennifer Morin, CFO
    "Mary Jane Umberger, as owner of HR Alliance, is a crucial human resource expert for our medical practice. Our office managers rely on her for wise and effective direction as she offers well-guided support through the complexities of employment regulations and personnel concerns. We consider her professionalism an imperative investment."
    Jennifer Morin, CFO
    West Ridge Orthopedic & Surgical Specialists
  • Mary Jane Umberger, President
    “I consider ‘Alliance’ the operative word in my business – what success I have enjoyed is the result of alliances with clients and colleagues, each of which I value greatly.”
    Mary Jane Umberger, President
    HR Alliance, LLC
  • Chief Financial Officer
    “Mary Jane is a crucial human resource expert for our medical practice.  We consider her professionalism an imperative investment.”
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Plant Manager
    “Mary Jane brought a fresh perspective to us that helped us with departmental development . . . She is a great asset to the community, and I highly recommend her.”
    Plant Manager
  • HR Business Partner
    We have “had the privilege to work with Mary Jane Umberger of HR Alliance on several initiatives including a training program called ‘Monday Morning Leadership.’  It was so well received in our Virginia facility that it was recommended and conducted in our facilities in Missouri and Tennessee.
    HR Business Partner
HR Alliance

You will find our firm has access to a wealth of human resource expertise and can match you with the appropriate resource to meet your organizational needs. Whether directly through HR Alliance or by way of one of our talented affiliate colleagues, we can support you with services such as, outsourcing HR projects; outplacement; strategic planning; leadership development; professional coaching; executive, professional & technical retained recruitment and compensation studies.  Well-established strategic partners include a select few with whom HR Alliance has had the honor of collaborating and/or engaging on behalf of clients over the years:

Founded in 2005, HR Alliance followed a natural course of events:  a BS degree in business and marketing, twenty + years experience as a human resource manager, and an entrepreneurial spirit that moved me to explore opportunities to serve others in unique and memorable ways. HR Alliance has become the medium through which we have the privilege of collaborating with clients to meet their organizational development needs.

Serving clients in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education, service, finance, law enforcement, etc. requires a customized approach to fit the industry, further refined to complement a culture consistent with the mission, vision and values of the organization.  And, at the same time, this cross-section of businesses illustrates certain common denominators as they honor the value of the human factor required of any business success.